Super Mutant

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Super mutants are mutated humans, products of infection by the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV). They are much taller, bulkier and muscular than pure strain humans, have (mostly) green, gray, or yellowish skin, are immune to disease and radiation, and are gifted with superhuman strength and endurance. Although they are completely sterile, the rapid regeneration of their cells caused by FEV makes them virtually biologically immortal (but not immune to death from injury).

  • Super Mutants can grow to ten feet tall and weigh as much as 800lbs. Size +1 and Toughness +1.
  • The Forced Evolutionary Virus has slowed you mentally but enhanced you physically. Begin with a d8 in Strength but Smarts requires two points per step to raise during character generation.
  • Most Wastelanders are afraid of Super Mutants. You have the Outsider Hindrance.
  • The Forced Evolutionary Virus has turned your skin green, gray or yellow and even a mother couldn’t love your face. You have the Ugly Hindrance.
  • Radiation Immunity.
  • Battle hardened. Years of fighting have taught you know how to handle yourself in a fight. Open Knowledge (Battle) and Fighting at d6.


Super Mutant

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