You are a Civil Ghoul. Not to be confused with your black sheep cousins the Feral Ghoul. Instead of being killed by radiation sickness you became a Ghoul. There is a silver lining though, no matter what you look like, at least you haven’t lost your humanity (more or less)!

  • Gain the Fast Healer Edge.
  • You’re a Ghoul. Doesn’t matter how well spoken you are, it looks like your skin is rotting off of your face. Not to mention whatever is going on with your hair. Gain the Outsider (minor) Hindrance.
  • Radiation Immunity. Your body has already absorbed as much radiation as the world can throw at it. Radiation no longer effects you.
  • Long Life. You have lived a long life. During your years since the war you have picked up a few things. Open up one skill of your choice at d6.
  • Chem Resistant. Gain the Chem Resistant Hindrance.



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