Brotherhood of Steel

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You are a member of the elite. You have been raised in a Brotherhood of Steel compound and you know no other life. You have advanced knowledge of high technology, weapons and armor. For more info on the Brotherhood of Steel go to the Vault

  • A Lost Education. You are one of the few remaining human beings who has been given a well rounded education. You begin with the Jack of all Trades Edge.
  • Trained Soldier. Begin with the Combat Reflexes Edge.
  • Enclave vs. The Brotherhood. The Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel are the only two (known) organizations with access to high technology. Unfortunately, both want to be the ONLY organization with access to high technology. -4 Charisma when dealing with anyone from the Enclave.
  • You have taken a Vow never to share technology with the outside world. Vow (Major) Hindrance.


Brotherhood of Steel

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