The 10,000 Lakes Wasteland

The 10,000 Lakes Wasteland is the remnants of what was once Minnesota. Few places in the United States experienced more nuclear fallout than the upper Midwest. Bomb silos in North and South Dakota made them primary targets for both Chinese and Russian bombs. What the fallout didn’t destroy it mutated.

The amount of fallout resulted in a large Ghoul population, both feral and civil. As is always the case with humanity, this brought out the best and the worst of us. Many Wastelanders view Ghouls as valuable treasure troves of lost knowledge while others view them all as monsters to be hunted.

The Midwest Regiment of the Brotherhood of Steel tried to bring peace to the region. The regiment itself was small, but it’s leaders were open-minded and understood that they could never get back to the west coast. They openly recruited anyone who wanted to join their ranks. All were welcome, Ghoul, Human, and Super Mutant – but they expanded too quickly. Their thinned out ranks made them easy pickings for the Defenders of Humanity and the 700 Club, and with the Canadian League moving down from the north and the Southern Star from the southeast it seems that the peace the Midwestern Regiment of the Brotherhood of Steel tried to create is doomed.

Us nuclear fallout map

The 10,000 Lakes Wasteland

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