Radiation Rules

Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure is ranked as mild, moderate, or severe. To determine the level of exposure, consult Table 1-1: Radiation Level. Find the source of the radiation in the left hand column and the
time of exposure in the top row. This will give you the radiation level (mild, moderate or severe).
The character must make a Vigor roll every four hours in irradiated areas, every 10 minutes exposed
to radioactive materials, or at the end of the exposure if less than these times. The Vigor roll is at -1 if moderate exposure and -2 if severe exposure. If the Vigor roll is failed, consult
Table 1-2: Gamma Radiation Sickness to determine the type of damage sustained.

Table 1 1

Table 1 2

1. Fatigue from Moderate or Severe gamma radiation can lead to death. 1 level of Fatigue is healed for each hour
away from the radiation.
2. Wounds from Gamma radiation apply a -2 modifier to natural Healing rolls until all wounds are healed.
3. If an attribute would fall below d4, then death results.

Radiation Rules

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