Super Stimpack


Cost: $400

Weight: 1

Roll d10; success heals 1 Wound. Each raise heals one more Wound. Single use. Possible negative effects.

Each Stimpack is a single use medical tool with its own Die Type, and do not use the Wild Die or suffer Wound penalties. They are not infallible, but failure means they have simply have no effect; they cannot harm the user. They can be used in the thick of combat as an action.

Each use of a Stimpack reduces the effects of subsequent Stimpacks, which suffer a -1 penalty for each Stimpack used in the previous 24 hour period.

Super Stimpacks are so powerful that they tire the user. You must make a Vigor roll two hours after use or become Fatigued. Two hours of rest removes the Fatigue.


An advanced healing chem. Very powerful.

Super Stimpack

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